Top 10 easy ways to lose weight

We offer you 10 easiest ways to effectively burn extra calories. They are so simple that, it seems, and talk about them isn`t worth it. But tell me honestly, do you do everything as advised by experts and life experience?

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7 habits that improve the quality of sex

How can you argue with the fact that sex is an important part of our lives? But few of us remember that the way of life, habits influence the events in the bedroom.

Of course the easiest way to cure erectile dysfunction – is a medical therapy. Melbourne Chemist contains a huge selection of the modern drugs (Cialis, Levitra, Viagra, Propecia) – the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is possible to solve various daily problems, to negotiate with colleagues and friends in controversial issues, but it is much more difficult to control the body, if you don’t watch your health or have already run it. Make some changes in the habitual course of life, they will help you get sex more fun.

7 habits that improve

Moderate alcohol drinking.

Everyone knows that alcohol helps to relax, talk and have sex, but only if the dose of alcohol consumed was small. If you use too much, it will affect the erection and the amount of discharge from the vagina, will reduce the sensitivity of both partners. It will be more difficult if you succeed at all.

Alcohol in large quantities is a depressant, so its effects on the central nervous system and does not contribute to successful sex.
Don’t slouch.

If you straighten your back, this simple movement will reduce the level of cortisol and increase the testosterone. Stooping posture negatively affects the libido of men and women, prevents the formation of sperm and the rush of blood to the clitoris and the penis. Here’s another reason to shrug.

Take care of the figure.

No one encourages you to lose weight to model sizes. But as you know, excessive weight together with sedentary way of life is reflected in all spheres of life, and sex in particular. If the cowgirl position causes pain in the legs, and in the missionary position the man feels pain in the abdominal muscles, it is time to think.

Obesity affects the condition and patency of vessels, it turns out, that a rush of blood to the penis is hindered. You need to remember that a person who is ashamed of his/her body enjoys sex much more difficult.

Keep your feet warm.

You will be surprised, but there is a relationship between female orgasm and keeping women’s legs warm. It turns out that the ladies whose legs are always  kept warm end more often than their barefoot friends.

Any sexologist will tell you that without a sense of security and total relaxation the woman does not get orgasm. Maybe it’s the feeling of physical comfort and psychological that delivers content feet warm.

Give up smoking.

Erectile dysfunction is the result which smoking men suffer from 2 times more often than by those who are not addicted to this harmful habit. The whole thing is again in the blood vessels. Women also have a lot of reasons to quit smoking.

During masturbation don’t keep your penis with the “death grip”

There is nothing bad in masturbation. But the fact is that men very often too strongly compress their penises during self-satisfaction, and it then interferes with orgasm in other ways. Even the most trained vagina or tight the girth of the penis with the lips will not able to repeat this trick.

To cope with this problem you should gradually reduce the pressure with your hand or some time do without sex, then observe the reaction of the softer girth of the penis.

Love your body.

It primarily affects women. Many of them during sex think about what their breasts look like whether the partner sees the folds on the stomach, is almost impossible to achieve satisfaction with such thoughts. The complexes do not give to feel a woman’s sexy, they inhibit and interfere with loosen up.

You are able to get rid of this problem quickly. Self esteem can be increased only by work. Do not cling to their complexes. After receiving the orgasm you can start to hate your acne or thighs with cellulite again, but during sex forget about them.

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Does smoking influence on men’s brains?

Does smoking influence on men’s brains?

When you smoke you hardly think of how the brain responds to tobacco or rather to nicotine. But the picture is rather interesting. At the moment when a smoke is taken, nicotine goes straight to the brain and gets to it just in about ten seconds. How does it influence the brain? It improves mood and concentration. Haven’t you known that? Smoking decreases anger and depresses your stress by relaxing muscles. In addition it reduces appetite. Oh! Reading this information we prove smoking to be so beneficial. Be that as it may, but! There is a big “but”.

Connection between smoking and mental skills

When a man smokes regularly, the changes occur in his brain caused by nicotine as a result he gets nicotine withdrawal symptoms and wants smoking more and more and soon he has a bad habit. And what follows it? Smoking declines his memory and that means that he can think slower, learn worse, and process information with mistakes. Is it enough reason for the fact that smoking is bad for a man’s brain? If it is not, then there is another one! The study shows that a man gets 10 years older meaning his mental skills. Smoking leads to decline of mental functions. And that decline is observed rapidly. And what is even worse, when a man quits smoking, he does not necessarily restore those lost functions immediately. It can be needed more than 5 years to renew the healthy process. There are more risks at older ages.

The link between smoking and cognition should not be underestimated because there is even a high risk of death among smokers. Unfortunately the questions on the exact link between smoking and brain health remain as far as the mechanism of their interaction is not quite clear. Do not forget that there are other problems caused by nicotine: hypertension, cardiovascular disease, or lung damage.

Why do men start smoking?

You know for sure, in which way smokers explain their addiction! More often they say that smoking cigarettes they can get rid of symptoms of stress. But this is not more than self-medication. A man feels stressed when he is unable to cope with uncomfortable circumstances and pressure. As a result he has headaches or breathlessness, feels anxious and irritable. And smoking can even redouble those symptoms. Still under those tight conditions a man can start smoking but more likely due to social factors: “Everybody smokes when getting nervous and I’ll do it.” And we should mention that a lot of men explaining their smoking by stress actually start smoking before those problems begin. Some men especially young ones just want to have a try and experiment with cigarettes becoming a regular smoker in due course. The influence of smoking friends or relatives also matters. Those men who abuse alcohol and drugs are more likely to start smoking. There are even such reasons for smoking as routine they say it helps them relax and catch a break.

But you should know that scientific study proves that instead of releasing from stress and helping to relax, smoking actually intensifies anxiety and tension. Nicotine creates an immediate sense of relaxation so people smoke in the belief that it reduces stress and anxiety.  Even if he feels relaxation, it will be replaced by new more severe wave of anxiety. Later it gives way to nicotine withdrawal symptoms, which can be reduced by further smoking.

Though, we have found a reason for smoking – keeping normal weight. Nicotine can be loss weight beneficial, though a man would better run off excess fat taking into account the higher rates of smoking-related health problems. And mental health problems are not the most unpleasant among them. Lung cancer is an alternative ending for heavy smokers.

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Is red wine harmful or beneficial?

Is red wine harmful or beneficial?

We certainly know that an excess consumption of alcohol causes a wide range of health problems. There is no thing explaining the alcohol addiction, but they say that there are amazing health benefits, which almost any adult can get from a glass of red wine per day. Is it a real story or a fairy tale for those, who cannot live without a drink? Let’s find out.

The physicians say that in moderation red wine can be good for a man’s health as far as it contains the substances known as antioxidants, which are beneficial to nervous system, heart and offer a kind of protection from cancer. It means that those powerful antioxidants prevent cells from being damaged by free radicals. But still there is the alcohol in wine and that’s not too good. The slightest exceedance of the mentioned amount will work back and cause liver damage, heart disease, and other health problems.

About antioxidants

So, as it was said above, the antioxidants do not allow free radicals to attack the healthy cells in a man’s body and in this way they cancel destructive processes. We can offer a comprehensive example of this process. When you bite an apple, you can watch it begin getting brown in the place where it is damaged by your teeth and that is the way how free radicals act. The process is known as oxidation. When you put some lemon juice on a damaged surface right after you have bitten an apple, you can see that the apple flesh continues to be white as it must be. That is possible due to the antioxidant vitamin C observed in lemon juice. In red wine there are such antioxidants as flavonoids and resveratrol. Flavonoids are found in plants, in our case – in the grape and that’s flavonoid called anthocyanin, which colors the wine in deep purple-red. Resveratrol is also produced by plants. Different types of wine contain different amount of antioxidants.

Beneficial red wine

Let’s look at benefits from drinking a glass of red wine which are specified by doctors.

  1. Protection against cancer. Resveratrol is able both to prevent cancer and to reduce existing tumor and slow growth of cancer cells. Thus, a glass of red wine per day can mitigate a man’s risk of prostate cancer but not in all cases. Vice versa it can provoke the other types of cancer depending on amount. So, the questions remain.
  2. Reduction in heart disease. Why does it happen? Flavonoids do decrease the amount of “bad” cholesterol in a man’s body and at the same time they increase “good” cholesterol in the bloodstream. Besides, they decrease the risk of clot formation and prevent heart attack.
  3. Protection against neurological disorders. This fact is proved by researchers who have found the evidences that resveratrol is involved in the process of blocking of formation of amyloid plaques. Those amyloid plaques are considered to ruin brain cells leading to Alzheimer’s disease. Again it is found that resveratrol takes part in formation of new healthy nerve cells.

There other reasons to keep taking a glass of red wine of good quality regularly. From time to time physicians discover new reasons why it is beneficial. The antioxidants are really good for our body. They are able to cut down on the inflammation and reduce tissue damage because of periodontal disease. Thus drinking red wine you also take care of your dental health as the scientists insist.

We cannot say to what extent the red wine is good and bad. But we hope you understand that you should not overdo it and drink only if there are no contra indications for you personally.  Enjoy it in the strictly restricted amount if you like and get health benefits.

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Urethritis – Causes and Treatment of the Disease

Urethritis – Causes and Treatment of the Disease

Urethritis – is a disease associated with the development of the inflammatory process in the wall of the urethra. It is one of the most common urological diseases. Urethritis among men occurs slightly more often than among women, and always takes place in the more severe forms. This is due to the anatomical characteristics of the male and female urinary system.


What Is Urethritis?

Female urethra has a length of 1-2 cm, and a sufficiently large width. Therefore infectious agents that come here, almost do not linger, and penetrate directly into the bladder, causing cystitis (inflammation of the bladder wall), or they are output with the current urine. Due to the large width of the lumen even a significant swelling of the mucous membrane of the urethra for women does not lead to a significant disruption of the flow of urine. Male urethra can reach a length of 22 cm and a width of the lumen – only 0.8 mm. Furthermore, it forms bends. Therefore, the infection lingers in it easier and inflammatory mucosal swelling results in significant disruption of the flow of urine, up to acute urinary retention.

What Are the Symptoms of Urethritis?

First urethritis symptoms appear within a week after infection. Among the indications for the development of pathologic process, include:

  • burning, stinging and pain along the urinary tract;
  • itching in the genital area;
  • the appearance of unusual, malodorous discharge from the urethra, intensifying in the morning;
  • coalescence of the urethra;
  • redness zone of the external urethral orifice.

The general condition of the patient’s urethritis usually does not suffer. Moreover, the disease for some time may be asymptomatic, but the patient may not even have to know that there was pathology. Symptoms of the disease depend on the shape and the pathogen. The acute form of urethritis develops within a few days and is manifested in the form of heavy or scant purulent mucus in the morning. After some time, there are unpleasant symptoms of itching and burning, and sharp cutting pain in the genital area while urinating. Inflammation of the urethra is not accompanied by weakness or fever. Men are more acutely aware of the appearance of symptoms of urethritis.

The clinical picture of chronic urethritis is somewhat different from the acute form of the disease. At this stage of the disease there is no pronounced pain, but there is discomfort due to adhesion of the output opening of the urethra. Chronic urethritis is accompanied by paresthesia and itching in the urethra. Even in the absence of precipitates fine filaments can be observed in the urine, which are deposited gradually. One cannot ignore the appearance of the above symptoms and hope that everything will go by itself. Be sure to contact your doctor, because the spread of infection can lead to a narrowing of the urethra and the defeat of the other departments of the reproductive system.

What Causes Urethritis?


The most common cause of urethritis is an infection of one of the virus, is the causative agent. As the pathogen may act viruses such as herpes, adenovirus, streptococcus, papilloma virus, coli, chlamydia, staphylococcus, as well as many others. Often the occurrence of infection in the urethra is due to infection from a sex partner. If the inflammation in the urethra was found in both sexual partners, they both should undergo treatment to prevent re-infection. Main the following factors:

  • hypothermia;
  • strong physical exertion;
  • promiscuity;
  • disruptions in power;
  • stressful situations;
  • lack of trace elements and vitamins;
  • any inflammatory processes developing in men can lead to urethritis manifestation;
  • mechanical minor damage or irritation of the penis;
  • narrowing of the urethral channel;
  • cause the disease can and chemicals that are found in lotions, colognes, soaps and even a condom.

How Is Urethritis Diagnosed?

The primary task of the urologist – is to identify the cause of the disease, to determine whether there are complications. He should review the status of such organs as the bladder, prostate, scrotum. Treatment begins after the transmission and receipt of all necessary analyzes:

  • Analysis of medical history and complaints (when there is discomfort, pain, burning during urination, discharge from the urethra, frequent urination, etc.).
  • Analysis of the history of life (whether the patient is suffering from any chronic inflammatory diseases, if he had an infection of the urogenital tract, surgery).
  • Survey urologist.
  • Ureteroscopy (urethra research method is using an optical instrument – urethroscope). Contraindicated in acute urethritis.
  • Urethrography (X-ray examination of the urethra after filling it with a radiopaque substance). Contraindicated in acute urethritis.
  • The general analysis of urine, a glass sample (methods of the detecting the level of urinary tract lesions, based on the collection of urine during urination series 2-3 cups a separate study of each portion, respectively, it will be 2 or 3 glasses of glass of the sample).
  • Bacteriological sowings urological smear (content capture and scraping cells from the urethra), urine, followed by detection of the growth of microorganisms on a special culture and determining the sensitivity of detection of the pathogen to antibiotics.
  • Ultrasonography (ultrasound) of prostate, bladder – can obtain an image of the internal organs and to assess whether here are any changes.
  • PCR diagnosis (detection in urological and gynecological smears basic and the most common pathogens, including infections, sexually transmitted diseases).

What Are the Treatment Options for Urethritis?

Drug therapy

Often, urethritis is caused by ingestion of infections. And that means you need to treat it with antibiotics. They are assigned depending on the type of infection. Urologist may prescribe antibiotics and other treatment, after determining which served as a causative agent and the development of the inflammatory process observed sensitivity to one of the drugs.

When here is gonorrhea form the treatment is prescribed such antibiotics, which kill bacteria diplococci. For treatment of urethritis caused by the yeast (Candida) are used: clotrimazole, amphotericin B, natamycin.

Complementary treatments

In addition to antibiotics in the treatment held the following medications:

  • anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • strengthening the immune system – Vitamin B;
  • drinking plenty of fluids.

Sometimes, after the treatment has passed, the disease is again making itself felt. Approximately 10% of men relapses occur. This type of disease is called recurrent urethritis. You will need to go through a more thorough diagnosis for re-detection of the pathogen and to direct all forces in its elimination.

What Are the Complications Associated with Urethritis?

If left untreated urethritis, its manifestation gradually subsides and passes into a chronic course. The infection spreads deeper into the genitourinary system and affects the prostate and seminal vesicles. Under the influence of provoking factors relapse of inflammation, infection can spread to the bladder, ureters and kidneys.

How Can I Prevent Urethritis?

To avoid infection of urethritis, men need to use a condom (a trusted brand, without irritable substances) during sexual intercourse. Also it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • in a timely manner to carry out the treatment of chronic and infectious diseases;
  • prevent hypothermia;
  • avoid casual sexual contacts;
  • to prevent injuries of the penis;
  • eat properly;
  • immediately pay attention and treat problems that occur as a result of changes in stool – diarrhea, constipation, and more.

In the treatment of urethritis in the early stage of an inflammatory process, there will be no problems and complications. If there is the progression of the disease, this can lead to kidney disease, bladder and go to the reproductive system, which ultimately leads to infertility.

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