7 Habits That Improve The Quality Of Sex

How can you argue with the fact that sex is an important part of our lives? But few of us remember that the way of life, habits influence the events in the bedroom.

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It is possible to solve various daily problems, to negotiate with colleagues and friends in controversial issues, but it is much more difficult to control the body, if you don’t watch your health or have already run it. Make some changes in the habitual course of life, they will help you get sex more fun.

7 habits that improve

Moderate alcohol drinking.

Everyone knows that alcohol helps to relax, talk and have sex, but only if the dose of alcohol consumed was small. If you use too much, it will affect the erection and the amount of discharge from the vagina, will reduce the sensitivity of both partners. It will be more difficult if you succeed at all.

Alcohol in large quantities is a depressant, so its effects on the central nervous system and does not contribute to successful sex.
Don’t slouch.

If you straighten your back, this simple movement will reduce the level of cortisol and increase the testosterone. Stooping posture negatively affects the libido of men and women, prevents the formation of sperm and the rush of blood to the clitoris and the penis. Here’s another reason to shrug.

Take care of the figure.

No one encourages you to lose weight to model sizes. But as you know, excessive weight together with sedentary way of life is reflected in all spheres of life, and sex in particular. If the cowgirl position causes pain in the legs, and in the missionary position the man feels pain in the abdominal muscles, it is time to think.

Obesity affects the condition and patency of vessels, it turns out, that a rush of blood to the penis is hindered. You need to remember that a person who is ashamed of his/her body enjoys sex much more difficult.

Keep your feet warm.

You will be surprised, but there is a relationship between female orgasm and keeping women’s legs warm. It turns out that the ladies whose legs are always  kept warm end more often than their barefoot friends.

Any sexologist will tell you that without a sense of security and total relaxation the woman does not get orgasm. Maybe it’s the feeling of physical comfort and psychological that delivers content feet warm.

Give up smoking.

Erectile dysfunction is the result which smoking men suffer from 2 times more often than by those who are not addicted to this harmful habit. The whole thing is again in the blood vessels. Women also have a lot of reasons to quit smoking.

During masturbation don’t keep your penis with the “death grip”

There is nothing bad in masturbation. But the fact is that men very often too strongly compress their penises during self-satisfaction, and it then interferes with orgasm in other ways. Even the most trained vagina or tight the girth of the penis with the lips will not able to repeat this trick.

To cope with this problem you should gradually reduce the pressure with your hand or some time do without sex, then observe the reaction of the softer girth of the penis.

Love your body.

It primarily affects women. Many of them during sex think about what their breasts look like whether the partner sees the folds on the stomach, is almost impossible to achieve satisfaction with such thoughts. The complexes do not give to feel a woman’s sexy, they inhibit and interfere with loosen up.

You are able to get rid of this problem quickly. Self esteem can be increased only by work. Do not cling to their complexes. After receiving the orgasm you can start to hate your acne or thighs with cellulite again, but during sex forget about them.