Effect Of Alcohol On Potency In Men

Many men are fully confident that since alcoholic beverages enhance sexual desire, they can`t cause harm to potency. This opinion is very common, but we are ready to prove that it is completely erroneous. Fact that excessive alcohol consumption is one of key causes of impotence has been known for centuries. Ancient Romans said – small dose of alcohol ignites desire, but deprives man of opportunity to satisfy it.

Ethyl alcohol, which is main ingredient in many strong drinks, can destroy internal organs of person. Male reproductive system is no exception to this rule. Alcohol has negative effect on potency in men and the sooner you understand this, the easier it will be to eliminate negative effects of prolonged libations.

Safe dose of alcohol for men

Opinion is often voiced that couple of glasses of wine, 100 grams of vodka, strong alcohol wouldn`t cause significant harm, but sexual desire will definitely be strengthened. This is only true if person drinks extremely rarely.  Systematic use of strong drinks in minimal quantities leads to significant deterioration of reproductive system, decrease in sexual desire, instead of which there is insurmountable alcohol addiction. Often men have serious genital diseases that need to be treated simultaneously with alcoholism.

Alcohol has powerful effect on nervous system. Because of him, sensitivity of penis in man decreases, impotence gradually develops, treatment of which can be delayed for a long time, without bringing desired result. Additional problem directly related to harmful effects of alcohol on nervous system is occurrence of difficulties with ejaculation. They intensify from year to year, leading to undesirable consequences.   Safe dose of alcohol simply doesn`t exist. Small amounts of poison work just like time bomb. Sooner or later it explodes, leading to multiple destruction.

How to detect decrease in potency with excessive alcohol consumption?

In men who don`t live normal sexual life for a long time, clear symptom of decrease in potency is complete disappearance of erotic dreams and pollutions. The latter should occur at least 1-2 times a month.

Gradually increases duration of sexual intercourse. In men who regularly drink alcohol, ejaculation doesn`t occur for long time and may disappear altogether. Many representatives of stronger sex explain problem of overwork, but its occurrence is associated with destructive effects of alcohol. Regular outpourings blunt body’s sensitivity. At time of orgasm, man doesn`t feel anything at all, and after completing sexual intercourse feel only insurmountable weakness. Many patients complain of pain during ejaculation.

Destructive effects of fusel oils

Many spirits contain fusel oils, which destroy not only nervous system. They lead to testicular dysfunction, can cause prostatitis. It significantly reduces sexual activity of representative of strong part of humanity, leads to fact that man doesn`t receive pleasure that should give sexual intimacy.

Many doctors agree that small dose of beer can provoke powerful flow of blood to pelvic organs, and significantly improve situation. It’s not worth it to abuse “magic effect” of hop-drink. It is enough to slightly exceed dose to get exact opposite effect.