Is Red Wine Harmful Or Beneficial?

Is Red Wine Harmful Or Beneficial?

We certainly know that an excess consumption of alcohol causes a wide range of health problems. There is no thing explaining the alcohol addiction, but they say that there are amazing health benefits, which almost any adult can get from a glass of red wine per day. Is it a real story or a fairy tale for those, who cannot live without a drink? Let’s find out.

The physicians say that in moderation red wine can be good for a man’s health as far as it contains the substances known as antioxidants, which are beneficial to nervous system, heart and offer a kind of protection from cancer. It means that those powerful antioxidants prevent cells from being damaged by free radicals. But still there is the alcohol in wine and that’s not too good. The slightest exceedance of the mentioned amount will work back and cause liver damage, heart disease, and other health problems.

About antioxidants

So, as it was said above, the antioxidants do not allow free radicals to attack the healthy cells in a man’s body and in this way they cancel destructive processes. We can offer a comprehensive example of this process. When you bite an apple, you can watch it begin getting brown in the place where it is damaged by your teeth and that is the way how free radicals act. The process is known as oxidation. When you put some lemon juice on a damaged surface right after you have bitten an apple, you can see that the apple flesh continues to be white as it must be. That is possible due to the antioxidant vitamin C observed in lemon juice. In red wine there are such antioxidants as flavonoids and resveratrol. Flavonoids are found in plants, in our case – in the grape and that’s flavonoid called anthocyanin, which colors the wine in deep purple-red. Resveratrol is also produced by plants. Different types of wine contain different amount of antioxidants.

Beneficial red wine

Let’s look at benefits from drinking a glass of red wine which are specified by doctors.

  1. Protection against cancer. Resveratrol is able both to prevent cancer and to reduce existing tumor and slow growth of cancer cells. Thus, a glass of red wine per day can mitigate a man’s risk of prostate cancer but not in all cases. Vice versa it can provoke the other types of cancer depending on amount. So, the questions remain.
  2. Reduction in heart disease. Why does it happen? Flavonoids do decrease the amount of “bad” cholesterol in a man’s body and at the same time they increase “good” cholesterol in the bloodstream. Besides, they decrease the risk of clot formation and prevent heart attack.
  3. Protection against neurological disorders. This fact is proved by researchers who have found the evidences that resveratrol is involved in the process of blocking of formation of amyloid plaques. Those amyloid plaques are considered to ruin brain cells leading to Alzheimer’s disease. Again it is found that resveratrol takes part in formation of new healthy nerve cells.

There other reasons to keep taking a glass of red wine of good quality regularly. From time to time physicians discover new reasons why it is beneficial. The antioxidants are really good for our body. They are able to cut down on the inflammation and reduce tissue damage because of periodontal disease. Thus drinking red wine you also take care of your dental health as the scientists insist.

We cannot say to what extent the red wine is good and bad. But we hope you understand that you should not overdo it and drink only if there are no contra indications for you personally.  Enjoy it in the strictly restricted amount if you like and get health benefits.