Top 10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight

We offer you 10 easiest ways to effectively burn extra calories. They are so simple that, it seems, and talk about them isn`t worth it. But tell me honestly, do you do everything as advised by experts and life experience?

A cup of green tea

This healthy drink is rich in antioxidants that effectively resist disease-causing free radicals in human body. Add lemon and be careful with sugar.

A few hot peppers

It`s very useful to add hot pepper to meat – it burns a lot of extra calories. This is due to alkaloid capsaicin contained in both sweet and hot peppers.

Include protein in food

Adding protein to food is another effective way to increase metabolism. Splitting of protein in body takes a lot of calories, and thus their number is automatically reduced.

Recover spent carbohydrates

Diets containing minimum of carbohydrates, lead to fact that metabolism in body becomes sluggish. Lack of these substances increases risk of problems with thyroid gland. Add carbohydrates to food, especially before and after exercise.

Get up and move

Lack of movement inhibits metabolism of human body and reduces its ability to burn excess calories. If you forget to warm up, set yourself timer. Every hour, if not every half hour, at least couple of minutes walk. Even with such modest workout, person burns up to 100-200 calories per day.

Squeeze and crouch

These very simple exercises, which can be done at any free minute, reduce calories and strengthen muscles. For greater effect, make day at least 20 pushups on hands from floor, few squats and, if possible, pull-ups on crossbar.

Take care of sports

Great way to get even with excess and therefore harmful calories. We advise you to engage in sports such as volleyball, basketball, hockey or football. It is useful for your muscles. Also, have good time and have fun with your buddies.

Pay tribute to sleep

Those who neglect healthy and full night’s sleep, have risk of having problems with metabolism. In addition, quality rest will balance glucose content in blood, in which case it will be possible to consume almost any carbohydrate. As result, person, who pays due attention to rest will protect himself from obesity.

It`s better to read than watch TV

Sitting in front of TV for many hours is most unproductive position to combat excess calories. But while reading good book, brain is activated, and this leads to their destruction. In any case, when reading calories burn much better than when watching some popular TV shows.

Be wary of pauses in diet

Excessive fascination with poor calorie diet ultimately leads to fact that body ceases to actively burn harmful substances. To avoid this, every four to six weeks, take breaks for such diet. At least couple of days of eating foods that are rich in calories, again “start” metabolism of human body. And everything falls into place again!